Wilkins Challenge Grant

In 2001, the Shickley Community Foundation Board of Directors set a goal to increase the balance of its Endowment Fund. As a result, the Geneva State Company agreed to match, up to, $105,000.00 in contributions made by Dec. 31, 2003. The Directors are proud to report that the three year fund drive WAS overwhelmingly successful as $161,943.27 was donated to the Endowment Fund. As agreed, the Geneva State Company, has contributed $105,000.00 for total funds raised of $266,943.27 as of Dec. 31, 2003. The donations will be perpetually held & only the earnings from this account will be used for community betterment projects in the form of grants on a semiannual basis. The Directors express their sincere thanks & gratitude to the following generous 101 households & organizations that made this project so successful. A plaque is displayed in the Virgil Biegert Library commemorating this great achievement.

Joe Kamler, Treasurer & Richard Walter, President are shown receiving a
$35,000 check from Cam Wilkins representing the Geneva State Company


Herbert Abrams Bryan/Kari Jo Alfs Nancy Alfs
Tim/Marti Alfs Wynona Alfs Estate Ron/Merrill Alfs
Bob/Mariann Anderson Keith/Kathy Berg Beth Biegert
Jeff/Sally Biegert John/Maurine Biegert Ruth Boswell
Bart/Pat Brinkman Nichole/Jackson Briscoe Chadd/Sondra Carlson
Gary/Deb Carlson Lynn/Denise Carlson Swedish Cemetery Assn
Michele Johnson-Clouse Dr. Richard Delfs Levi Dodge
Charles/Bonnie Dondlinger Eugene/Judy Dondlinger Gertrude/John Dondlinger
Howard/Susan Dondlinger Claton/Barb Frieden Conley Frieden
Earl/Velda Frieden Bruce/Kathleen Gay Carol C. Gay
James Shin/Mary Gay Stuart Comstock-Gay Carmon/Deb Gross
Bill/Melissa Grote Gerald/Jan Grote Robert/Carol Grote
Dan/Lisa Hendrickson Maurice/Joan Hendrickson Richard Hendrickson
Robert Hendrickson Sheila Hendrickson Marge Hesse
Wes/Linda Hochstetler Darrel/Deb Johnson Ethel Johnson
Howard/Deanna Johnson Lemoine/Phyllis Johnson Stan/Suzann Johnson
Flossie Johnson Joe/Gina Kamler Paul/Jeanie Kassik
Don/Shirley Kempf Wayne/Esther Kempf Conley/Shelly Kennel
Richard/Rosalie Kleinschmidt Helen E. Krause Trust Norman/Eloise Landgren
Clint Lauber Lawrence/Edna Lichti Tim/Judy Lichti
Albert/Vi Miller DeRoy Miller Estate Ben/Bonnie Nelson
Sandi Patterson Larry/Mary Paul Knox/Evelyn Pearson
Paul/Lucille Polk Jeanne Gay-Rickert Don Saltzman
Gary/Donna Saltzman Joyce Schlegel Dorothy Serk
Paul/Karla Sheffield Shickley Lions Club Shickley Womens Service Club
Pamela Flory-Smith James/Mel Spurling Janice Spurling
Martin/Patty Spurling Parker/Pam Spurling Corey/Brenda Stengel
Gerald/Loydeen Stengel Viola Stengel Doug/Jenise Straight
Kenneth/Kathleen Swartz Don Swartzendruber Jay/Ruth Swartzendruber
Steve/Gina Swartzendruber Titus Swartzendruber Will/Marge Swartzendruber
Aileen Wagers-Tobiassen Merlin/Evelyn Volkmer John Wagers
Lyle/Iris Wagers Alex Walter Richard/Darlene Walter
Dick/Joan Walters Jason/Jessica Weil Sylvia Wilson
Brian/Tamara Wise Maurine Zetterman