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Scott, Alea, Tanner, Madison and Seth Woodward

Updated 12/31/06

Last day of 2006!

I am throwing in the towel on this web page.  It will stay here but I will put new pictures on my MSN live page.  It is much easer to load new pictures on that one.

Here is the link:




The swimming pool is gone.  The insurance guy should be happy now.  The yard looks a lot bigger but still not as big I remember growing up.

 Oh, yes.  Seth is now ONE!!!!!!  Can that really be?  Yes, there were 100 people in my house on 4/29.  I think they were there for his party.

Here are some new pictures.



Where did Madison go?




Seth is up to 9 pounds!

Tayce and Seth



Hay, we have more kids then rooms! We need a bigger house.

Good bye Shirley, hello Spyglass!







 Introducing ….

Seth Robert Otis Woodward

He is waving “HI”


Tanner, Seth, and Madison

Tanner and Madison are great helpers!


3 Cousins in 3 Months!

Rick and Bree, Scott and Seth, Jeff and Delaney


Old Pictures of…


The number of times someone had looked at the page for some strange reason is

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A word from Tanner in 1998.



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