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The Macduff Clan Badge. Which includes the Fife Surname.

HOME PAGE: For Descendants of William Fife Sr, Kingdom of Fife Scotland (1700's)

The premise of this page is quite simple. It is a place for the Fifes of the world to meet. The only way that this is possible right now on this page is to sign the guest book at the bottom of the page. In this way you can see who else has signed in, and correspond from there. Your last name does not have to be Fife, infact mine is not, what I envision is a place for any decendents of a Fife to come to this page to gather.

A bit about me I am descended from William Fife Sr, who was from Fife County, Scotland(The Kingdom of Fife) born some time in the 1700"s
One of his brothers, David Fife Sr., emmigrated to Canada where upon he started to produce the famous Fife Red Wheat. If you are related to the same William or David Fife, then we are some how related.

Here is a listing of my lineage

Click here to see an obituary of Samuel Fife Jr.

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William Fife Sr. .

Cheries Geneology Page

Follow the link above for excellent information on Geneolgy Information, including the Surname Fife

Here is a picture of King Robert The Bruce,One of my more Famous relatives.

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Just so that you know ! The information on this page may or not be true. I have tried to be accurate in my information ! What I have posted on this website was told to me by my fife family members. Also I have done some research on the Intrenet, and have posted some of that information ! Some of that information was not accurate !

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"Breathes there the man, with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, 'This is my own, my native land!' " - Sir Walter Scott