There their they’re their they’re there they’re there their


Come on people, it is not that f’n hard!!!



Their (pronoun) – possessive case of they - It is their lack of knowledge of the English language that annoys me!

There (adverb)  at, in, to, or towards a place - There is no place for ignorance.  Put it there. 


They’re – contraction of they (pronoun) and are (verb)




While I’m at it; cache and cachet  (arrrrrggghh!)


Cache (noun) – pronounced [kash] – as in Jonny Cash, give my lots of cash, or time to cash it in!

      A hiding place for stuff or to store stuff in hiding.  (French origin)


Cachet (noun) – pronounced [ka-shay] – just use what you normally use for cache. . .

      A seal on a letter or document

A mark of distinction, authenticity, or individualism (Old French origin)





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