The Hilarious Times Of A Spiritual Dancer!
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Maggie Maggie Bo-Baggie Banana Fannah Fo-Faggie Me My Mo-Maggie...MAGGIE!

Here are just a few of my shoutouts!: Shaley, Kellyn, Sarah, Rachel, Tara, Tony, Cathy, Preston, Cindy, Morgan, Mom,Daddy, Biz, Sasha, Megan, Nora, Kayla, Quinn, Hanson, Tanner, Michael, Dannielle, Christina, Alez, Scott, Cora, Jake, Craig, Bo, Mali, April, Jesse, Ashlyn, Tommy, Kerry, Patrice, Nikk, Megan, Lori, Pat, Gramm-Cracker, Grandma-Glenda, Terra, Kaila, Cathrine, Sydna, Michael, Marcus, Taylor, Ted, Hilary, Ben, Kate, Kristin, Riley, Brooke, Eric, Lee, Bonnie, David, Lacey, Revathi, Erin, Nina, Sam, Jean-Marie, Kimberly, Janessa, Tasha, Catalina, Sara, Gabrielle, Taylor, Ashley, Eric with a C, Heather, Nicole, Johnny, Sharla, Katrina, Jake, Jacob, Abbra, Jesse, Patrick, Teresa, Eric, Devin, Nicole, Bernie, Arin, Miles, Jamie, Kellyn, Lauren, Amy, Ben, Pam, Jenny, Jordan, Max, Jeremy, Laura, Troy, Revathi, James, Caleb, Cameran, Julie, Bill, Hannah, Mike, Claire, Sophia, Catalina, David

If i forgot you, let me know and i'll add you ASAP!

And here is Kellyns extra-special shoutout:

...umm...haha holy crap well when we sat two chairs away the first day of Singing Knight i never dreamed that we would be best friends seeing as well you thought i was popular and i thought you were a biatch cause your brother "hated" my sister, which by the way you definately made up haha! Anyhoot all im saying is we're pretty different if you take a quick glance but if you look beyond that you will find the EXACT same brain and sense of humor...well...uhh...all i can say is that you are definately my first choice for a co- head alto region officer CAP-I-TAN!!! score! okay well thats all i have to say about that! Farewell Capitan, i salute you!

And heres Shaleys:

RENDEZVOUS! Good God, ya'll, if you havent met this heavenly best-friend of mine, you are missing out like you dont know what mr.goodcents is...and thats pretty bad. Anyhoot, you are soo amazing, everyday im at school and you're doing really awesome things for people and such and its just pretty cool. Anyone who can put up with me pouncing on them and tackling them to the ground just to get her purse or water-bottle is a friend of mine. well its a good thing that you'll say you have to go to the bathroom on the way to rally for me, i dont know WHAT i'd do without you! whew! thank god! Well i gotta go talk to Tony about PMS!! haha! xxoo ciao!

Thats me...lookin' good!;)

...and heres my beautiful sister Tara doin' what she does best!!

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