US Army Attack Helicopters
"Smells Like Victory"

* A Crew Chiefs View Of Vietnam Era Attack Helicopter Gunships *


Welcome to the home page of Attack Helicopter Crew Chief / Photographer Butch Lottman

 D TRP 1/167th Air Cav

A little bit about myself...I have attained multiple MOS's throughout my military career....... 67V20, 67N20, 67Y20. I have crewed OH-58, UH1H, UH-1M, AH-1S, AH-1P, and AH-1F aircraft. I was a Crew Chief with D Trp 1/167th AIR CAV..

Although a Crew Chief, I was also charged with being the unit historian, and photographer. As an aviation photographer I always carried my camera on all my missions to capture events that many people could not see or experience. My photos and articles about the portrayal of our soldiers have led to many photo journalism awards from the 5th US Army.

In 1995 I departed from the military. Although I'm no longer a material part of the operation, I do stay in touch with the friends I have made throughout my years with the Cav. The Crew Chiefs and Pilots that I have known and worked with have a very deep love for these aircraft, They were a part of us, We depended on them and trusted them with our lives!

The intent of this site is for educational purposes, To share my stories, Photographs, and Links to very interesting people I have come to know in the field of Army Aviation. Thank you for visiting.
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