Itís a girl?!!

The Wilson family welcomes our new daughter, Natalie, to the dysfunctional world of Wilson Family Dynamics.

To the surprise of you all, Iím seriously sleep deprived. Actually, Natalie is a sleeping machine, but the nurses are keeping Susan and I up all hours of the night. Last night, we were up until about midnight. The nurses brought Natalie in for a feeding at about 4:45, and Iíve been up since then. Needless to say, I was dragging a little at work today. Susan comes home tomorrow (so does Natalie), so at least tomorrow night well only be at the mercy of the kids schedules.

I got my first crack at changing one of Natlalieís diapers last night. It was a disastrous repeat of my first diaper change with Jake. As soon as I took the diaper off, Natalie decided it was time to go 0, 1, and 2 all at the same time (ď0Ē meaning she hacked up all over her blanket). I forgot how quick these little suckers are to go once you get their diapers off. Its like a game of beat the clock. Youíd better not fumble around once that diaper is off, or youíre just asking for trouble.

I must admit that I was a little intimidated by my little girls anatomy. I mean, Iíve been ďhandlingĒ the male anatomy all my life, and when I first learned to change Jake, at least I was comfortable in the fact that I new were everything was. With girls, itís all different. If you wipe them the wrong way, you can make them sick, and thereís no ďflag poleĒ warning that they might be ready to release the flood gates. Nonetheless, Iím confident I can step up to the challenge and master the art of diaper changing once again.

We donít have any new pictures of Natalie to post. Sorry. I broke my digital camera the morning she was born, and weíre waiting to finish up a new roll of film. I promise Iíll post those soon, along with some great pictures of Jake that we took at Chucky Cheeses the night before his little sister was born. Iíve also got some new writings to post to the MindSpeak section. Check back, and give me some hell if Iíve become too procrastinate, and need to update the site. Iíll speak at you again soon.

 - Keil Wilson 10/23/2002, 6:44 PM

Wow, Itís great to look back on this web site every now and again, and remember what life was like ďback then.Ē This thing is almost like a time capsule. The last major work on the site was done to promote the arrival and first holidays for my first born. Now Jake is about to become a big brother, and itís time to press the web site back into active service. Iím excited to spend a little quality time bringing the content on this baby up-to-date. Iíve got some stuff Iíve really wanted to add to the MindSpeak section. And, of course, there will be some pictures to add to the MiniMe Number 2 pages. Heck, if I go crazy, maybe Iíll even drop pics of Jake on the web site that have been taken in the last year.

One of the great things about these life events, is that it gives me an excuse to get in touch with all of my friends and family and see how everyoneís doing. I hope I find you all well. Every day brings new possibilities for both good and bad changes, but I can say that things here in Lincoln, NE are good for the Wilson family. Weíve recently bought a new house (to make room for the new family member), and have been slowly trying to make it feel like home. My job is going well, and everyoneís healthy. I hope that trend continues on.

Well, Number 2 is due for arrival in about 8 hours. If youíre interested, please check back frequently as I add new pictures and commentary over the next couple of days and weeks. Living Large.

- Keil Wilson 10/20/2002 11:55 PM.



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